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The Big Guy: A Novel (The Max Book 1)

The Big Guy: A Novel (The Max Book 1)

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ore than a man but not invulnerable, tough convict Percy Croft has managed to stay out of trouble while serving most of a five-year prison sentence. Freedom is within reach. When circumstances put him in the crosshairs of a human monster, violent gangs press offers of protection in exchange for a lifelong commitment. Croft resists until someone new offers him a better deal. Someone different – as different as Croft, in his own way. A sociopath with a gift for manipulation and chaos, a killer of codes and reason.

The Big Guy is a tough, tense psychodrama that cuts as slow and deep as prison time. From the perspective of a hunted giant whose own moral grayness reflects the darkness and menace of the prison – with a subtle difference – comes a novel that readers call original and dreadfully fascinating, hard boiled and relentless.

Atmospheric and authentic, the first book in the masterful Max series is a unique experience that will keep you going to the end…if you can handle it.

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